January 28, 2011

Demonoid Registrations Are Open!

As of this moment Demonoid is open for registrations!

Please check their site:


January 27, 2011

Demonoid Invitation Code (Update)

This Blog hasn't been updated for a while but I thought it was time to let you know about the latest Scam claiming to offer Demonoid Invitation Codes.

It's hit the #1 ranking on Google so it's more than likely going be the first site that people look at when trying to find that elusive Invitation Code.

Their site states it will issue you with a Demonoid Invitation Code after you have completed a survey.

Well don't be fooled as it's just another scam!

Here's the address:


If you don't believe me then go ahead and try. You've got nothing to lose except feeling like a dill for "lining the pockets" of the site owners.

Your best option is to read my post below on how to obtain an Invitation Code.

As you can see there is no advertising on this Blog, no request for email addresses and definitely no need to fill out any surveys! It's not a 'money-making' venture, it's merely a site to warn unsuspecting people of Scams.

Even the links to the other sites are genuine. They're not re-directs for the purpose of advertising revenue.

Just keep trying and eventually you will score an Invitation Code.

Best of luck.

November 22, 2007

Demonoid Invitation Code Scam

**Please read the following posts if you want to be informed
about a SCAM site supposedly offering you a free Demonoid
invitation code or go directly to the text in RED further down this
page for instructions on how to get a Demonoid invitation code**

Have you signed up at the following site for your Demonoid
invitation code?:



Your email address will be reduced to a junk-mail folder in a
very short space of time!

Chances are you've already done it as the site is listed at #1 on
Google whereas this Blog has only been as high as #3.

A search on Yahoo! for 'Demonoid Invitation Code' will show a
#1 listing for the bogus site but this Blog isn't even in the Top 100.

Nobody likes to admit they've been duped but at least you
haven't lost any money!

I fell for for these hustlers out of desperation to get an invitation
code for Demonoid.

It's merely an email-harvesting racket to get your email address
without actually giving you an invite code for the Demonoid
BitTorrent tracker site, which you can find here:


If you don't believe me then try it by opening a new email
account at somewhere like Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo, etc and
only use this account for signing up.

In theory your new email address should only receive your
supposed Demonoid invitation code and not unsolicited mail.

Well, watch the junk-mail start pouring in and guess what
..........no Demonoid invite code!

It wouldn't surprise me if they're trying to on-sell the Demonoid
invitation codes they do receive (if any) to other people who are
desperate for them.

You'll notice how they don't give any recommendations from
people who've received Demonoid registration codes and only
list people who are requesting them.

They're up to around 13500 requests so far which would make
it quite lucrative for someone selling a 'live' email list or trying
to make a 'fast buck' selling the Demonoid invitation codes.

There's no shortage of listings for them on eBay.

The Demonoid site is very difficult to register at because
of it's popularity with people wanting to download torrents,
therefore it's rarely open for new registrations.

If you think that I'm affiliated with Demonoid in some way or
I'm just someone who received an invitation code but got banned
and is simply p****d off, then I can understand that.

You have nothing to lose by trying to get a Demonoid registration
code except to have your email address used as a junk-mail inbox.

In which case, go for it!

I've got nothing to gain by doing this as I'm not asking you to
send me an invitation code, email address or money. I don't even
have any sponsored links from this site.

I'm just trying to steer people clear of these sharks.

So if you don't like being deceived to 'line someones pockets',
then you might want to try somewhere else.

Here are some sample postings by people requesting at the
bogus site who've realised it isn't as genuine as it claims to be:

I have been waiting for over a month for this. I feel this site is
bogus, collecting e-mails. Beware.
Posted by Mikey on Wednesday, 08.15.07 @ 20:37pm #11989

this shit is so fake, never got my code!
Posted by fake shit on Wednesday, 08.15.07 @ 21:02pm #11996

dont do this this is all a big trick to send u junk mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you will not ever get a code
Posted by dont do ittt11 on Friday, 08.17.07 @ 17:22pm #12572

this is fake i did this like 2 weeks ago still no code. I got something
that said the person only had 3 and 4 peope wanted it i had to
register to other sites and the person who sent it gets 5 dollars
every time you register so beware!!!!!
Posted by maxpayne on Friday, 08.17.07 @ 15:51pm #12545

Even a humourous hopeful request:

My lowly sense of suplicatory grovellatation is matched only by
my fervent and zealous desire to have and use the code for good
and right in an evil and poosuckious world. Long live the code
holders! Hooray!Hooray! Up with Data! Down with other things
of various sorts! Love be to you, o' code holding Lords of Demonoidica!

As of August 22 they are now moderating all comments posted
so you won't hear about anyone who's realised it's just a scam,
only the people pleading for a Demonoid invitation codes.

November 10, 2007

Demonoid Site Shut Down

Unfortunately Demonoid has been shut down. This is the message
displayed when you navigate to their site:

“The CRIA threatened the company renting the servers to us, and
because of this it is not possible to keep the site online. Sorry for
the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.”

The web site is down but the tracker function is working

October 4, 2006

Demonoid Access In Canada

If you live in CANADA and you're looking for info on how to access
the Demonoid Web site, please scroll down to the post headed
'Demonoid Site Down (Update 3)' near the base of this page.

September 3, 2006

Demonoid Invitation Code Scam (Update 1)

Here's an update from our scamming friends:
(I've left the formatting and spelling mistakes as they were)

Latest site news:
3rd September

The Admin team would like to make it clear that we DO NOT:
Sell or pass on your email to anyone !
Collect Invite codes to sell on Ebay
If you get a spam mail that says it is from us then it is NOT !
We only contact you with an invite code or to tell you that
demonoid is open to register.

The only reason we run this site is so that people have a cental
hub to pass on Torrent site Invite codes.
The above is untrue,we do not harvest emails...
If you think we do then please do not add your email to our list.
Starting from August 07 we are going to email everyone on the
list to inform them when Domonoid have open invites.
That way people who have just signed up will get the chance to
get a demonoid invite code without waiting to hit the top of the list.

You can see I've ended up with some free advertising from them.

As far as them saying,

"do not add your email to our list"

It doesn't seem to have deterred too many hopefuls as they're
up to 17000 requests and still going.

Realistically what do you think the chances are of #17000
having his/her request for a Demonoid invitation code filled?

How about even request #1000?

Is there a large room full of people all sitting at computers
working their way through the database of emails trying to fill
the requests?

What's in it for the person(s) running this site if no money
changes hands?

Do you think the 'sponsored links' from the site are enough to
pay their way?

Maybe it's just one guy who out of the kindness of his heart
spends hours sending out a Demonoid invitation code to

everyone on the list??????

Call me cynical but that would be some act of benevolence!

They also state,

"Starting from August 07 we are going to email everyone on the list to inform you when Demonoid have open invites".

I'd love to know how many people actually got an announcement as to when Demonoid registrations were open???!

Yes, I was a sucker for this scam too.

For the sake of having an email address bombarded with
junk-mail, it was certainly worth a try to get that elusive
Demonoid invitation code......................I thought so.

If you look carefully at our 'friends' site you'll notice that the
'post' numbers in the Demonoid request section aren't

They've actually 'cut' requests from the 'Demonoid invitation code'
section and 'pasted' them into the 'Joost invitation code' section
which gives the impression that the 'Joost' section is also popular.

A bit of creative manipulation.

Here's a post by someone who somehow managed to slip through
the moderators although I have to say it was actually in the
'Joost Invitation Code' request section.

He doesn't seem too happy and rightly so. He was also kind
enough to list my Blog address too:


I waited and waited, but I won't be getting no invitation code
right? Just a bunch of spam e mails. No wonder comments are
moderated...I'm going to try to find someone to bring down
this pitiful site of yours. Bye Bye scamers

Posted by Fuck on Monday, 09.3.07 @ 13:33pm #16869

You can look at their site to see this post for yourself but by the
time you do it will probably have disappeared off their list of requests.

I can assure you that at the time of writing this blog it was
definitely there.

I wouldn't go as far as to threaten "bringing their site down"
but I can appreciate his feeling of being shafted.

For those trying to obtain a Demonoid registration code, just
trying the Demonoid site at:


From what I've read, registrations seem to be open either late
Fridays or early Saturdays however the Demonoid site states

it's only open for registrations for a couple of days at the beginning
of each month.

If you do a search of Google for 'demonoid invitation code', which
I'm guessing you've already done, then you'll find different
forums where people will generously give out invitation codes.

These are worth a try but you need to be fast as they are
snapped up quicker than a "seagull onto a hot chip".

Your best option is to try a program called 'Torrent Tracker'
which automatically checks the Demonoid site periodically to
tell you when registrations are open.

How often the tracker program accesses the Demonoid
registration page is entirely up to you.

You can find the program here:


Easy setup instructions can be found here:


After weeks of trying I managed to get lucky and was stunned
when I found they were open.

Even now that I've got one I still can't create an invitation code
for a friend. I believe you need to have uploaded a certain amount
of data (about 1GB) or have been a member for a period of time.

Maybe someone can correct me on this?

Hope you have luck in obtaining your Demonoid invitation code.

September 4, 2005

Demonoid Invitation Code Scam (Update 2)

Unfortunately our friends have taken down any reference to
their 'update' for September 3 so no complimentary link to
this Blog now.

Up one day and gone the next............couldn't have been a very
important announcement????????????

And just as quickly, there's now no section for requesting 'Joost'
invitation codes.

I suppose they're 'stretched to the limit' trying to supply
Demonoid invitation codes for everyone!

You'll also find that the requests for a code in the Demonoid
section are now sequential since the 'Joost' code request section
was removed.

September 11, 2004

Blog Date Anomaly

If you're wondering why the 'post dates' on this blog have the
incorrect year, it's because the settings for blogger.com don't
allow older posts to stay at the top of the page and newer ones
further down.

The only way I can keep the important initial post at the top
of this page is to specify an older date for later posts.

The month and day are correct on all posts, it's just the year
that has been changed and yes, the posts have all been made
in the current year (2007).

September 14, 2003

Demonoid Invitation Code Scam (Update 3)

You've probably noticed a new announcement on their site
regarding the display of posts:

"Please note that due to a few people trying to take this site
down and attacking the comments section we are having to
moderate all comments for 24 hours before posting them".

Can't imagine why anyone would be unhappy about getting
an invitation code for the Demonoid Torrent site, can you???

They were delaying posts for 24hrs at one stage but going by
the time stamps, not at the moment.........even if you're on
Australian time!

Just something minor that I also noticed on the request page,
was the 'missing' section of displayed posts.

If you look at the following:

Please consider me for an invite. -Thanks
Posted by Jeffro Bodine on Thursday, 09.13.07 @ 21:20pm #18529

hii need an invitation to the demonoid site plz
Posted by Ricardo on Thursday, 09.13.07 @ 21:00pm #18528

Don't know why there's such a big jump in numbers between
the posts above and the ones below?

These were actually consecutive comments on their web site.

id love to have an invite code please help me out :)
Posted by marck on Wednesday, 09.12.07 @ 16:37pm #18361

Would Someone please send me an invite to demonoid?Thanks a lot.
Posted by Alex on Wednesday, 09.12.07 @ 16:26pm #18360

I suppose if you leave a large block of numbers out occasionally
then by the time they've disappeared of the displayed list
any newcomer will never know and just simply think,

"Wow..........at 18500 requests this must be a popular site to
score an invite code".

That's a lot of people getting a Demonoid invitation code!

September 26, 2002

Demonoid Site Down

The Demonoid site is supposedly down for maintenance as of
11.30pm Monday, September 25, 2007 (East Coast U.S time)

This is according to the Demonoid Channel on IRC:


Navigating to the Demonoid web site just brings up a blank page
instead of their "site offline for maintenance" announcement
that is normally displayed during this time.

However if you look here it states that Demonoid site may have
been shut down:


You might find the following transcript interesting too:


Will update as soon as more news is available.

September 29, 2001

Demonoid Site Down (Update 1)

Good news!

It appears the Demonoid web site may be coming back online.

Have a look here:


This was as of 4.30am Saturday, September 29, 2007
(East Coast U.S time)

October 2, 2000

Demonoid Site Down (Update 2)

Great news!

Demonoid has not been shut down and is back online.

They are now simply blocking Internet traffic from Canada to
appease the CRIA.

October 4, 1999

Demonoid Site Down (Update 3)

For those of you in CANADA who want to access the Demonoid
web site you will need to 'hide' your web browsers' IP address.

This is so the Demonoid site does not 'see' you as being of
Canadian origin and therefore redirect you away from the
Tracker search page.

Info on how to do this can be found here:


Or you can try here:


Scroll down to post #386 for a detailed description.

You will also need to adjust the settings in your BitTorrent client
(UTorrent, Azureus, etc) to allow it to use a proxy server.

This will be found under 'preferences' or 'options' then 'connection'
or something similar to this.

You can also try these sites for programs that 'cloak' your
Web browser IP:




For the 'Firefox' browser try this:


These measures will allow you to resume searching and
downloading via Demonoid.